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Lowenstein Auto CPAP Package

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CPAP Complete package

The equipment;

  • Lowenstein PRISMA Auto CPAP
  • Humidifier
  • Mask
  • Travel Bag

The service;

  • Full set up consultation
  • Mask assessment
  • Remote monitoring with weekly follow up consultations (3 weeks)
  • Access to specialist support

The Sleep Disorders Clinic Harley Street believes in not just providing equipment but also the service. We believe it is unethical to provide CPAP without the specialist support often required by new CPAP users. That is why you are given full support every step of the way to help improve your compliance.

How the service works

  1. Order CPAP online or the telephone and provide your Sleep Apnea confirmation documentation. (if you need further assistance please call the clinic on 0203 189 1293. If you do not have any documentation a sleep study may be required).
  2. Your set up consultation will be booked and if completed remotely your equipment will be shipped to you.
  3. Set up consultations will include a “Mask Assessment”. This involves an assessment of your facial features, a look at your sleep study and a discussion. This is to provide you with the best possible fitting mask. If the incorrect mask is chosen, CPAP will fail. The consultation will then go into detail the correct operating procedure of the equipment provided. 
  4. 4 Remote follow up consultations. This is where the data will be remotely retrieved from your machine via the 4G modem in your device and analysed. Armed with this feedback settings may be changed to improve your experience.

The Lowenstein Equipment

The Lowenstein PRISMA Auto is one of the elite CPAP machines. Features including remote 4G access, humidification and Auto Start.

Call or email 0203 189 1293 or email info@thesleepdisordersclinic.com

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