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Are my results confidential?

Completely. Only you will see your results. We do not pass on results to GPs or the DVLA unless you grant us permission.

What if my results show I have Sleep Apnoea?

You have two options;

  1. Seek treatment via our clinic quickly.
  2. Seek treatment via the NHS armed with your report.

What if I do not have Sleep Apnoea?

This is a common result. During the follow up telephone consultation your results and medical history will be explained and an action plan of next steps will be planned.

Is CPAP all you offer for Sleep Apnoea?

No. CPAP is only one form treatment. Treatment recommendations will encompass everything from your lifestyle, medical and sleep history.  

Can I get a refund on my mask or CPAP machine?

We only offer refunds on faulty equipment OR if is unused and still in its original packaging. We are selling equipment with hygiene of the highest priority. That is why returns must unused, sealed and in original packaging.

Your home sleep study looks different to NHS and competitors, why is that?

Our equipment is different and looks at more physiological aspects. Most NHS clinics and competitors use watch based pulse oximetry. We use pulse oximetry, respiratory effort, plethysmography, actigraphy and body position. Furthermore we insist upon 2 nights use of the equipment. A 2 night study is more representative compared 1 night.

Your pricing seems very reasonable. How can you do that?

We are a very busy clinic that solely focuses on snoring and sleep apnoea. Due to our niche specialism we are able to focus on key conditions, furthermore we receive a lot of external referrals from other clinics.

Do you sell CPAP machines?

Yes we do. However as an ethically responsible clinic we will only provide CPAP if you genuinely require it.