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Case Studies

GP doesn’t believe me…

“ I went to my GP 4 times about feeling sleepy in the day and was just fobbed off and told it was my age and told to get on with life. A friend asked if I snore and I said yes and she suggested it might be Sleep Apnoea. I had never heard of it so I looked online and all my symptoms matched. I went back to my GP with my suspicions and was told only overweight men get it. I asked for a referral to a sleep clinic and was told I don’t meet the criteria!

Annoyed I took matters in my hands and this is how I came across The Sleep Disorders Clinic. I spoke to them on phone and agreed with me I may have Sleep Apnoea. Also they squashed the myth that Sleep Apnoea doesn’t just affect overweight men. They recommended a sleep study which I ordered immediately. The next day it arrived, I slept with it for 2 nights and a lovely courier collect it from me at work. The next day I spoke to a specialist on the phone and they confirmed not only did I have Sleep Apnoea but had a severe level. During the call the specialist explained all about the condition, how it contributing to my high blood pressure and what treatment I can have. After the call I received a full report and showed this to my GP. My GP was shocked and promptly made a referral to a NHS clinic.

The Sleep Disorders Clinic helped me immensely. Within 5 days of contacting them I had a sleep study, follow up and results.”

Professional driver…

“During a routine doctors appointment my GP asked if I snore and asked me to complete a form about sleeping. Out of nowhere he said he thinks I have Sleep Apnoea and told me not drive until a sleep study is completed to confirm or deny. I was shocked and pleaded with him that if I can’t drive I can’t work. He said rules are rules and said he will make a referral to a sleep clinic but said it would take up to 3 months and DVLA may revoke my licence!

I left the surgery and searched online for a sleep study and that’s when I came across The Sleep Disorders Clinic. I booked a sleep study online and it arrived the very next day. I followed the instructions and wore it for 2 nights and a courier collected it from me when I was finished. The day after The Sleep Disorders Clinic called me, explained I have the condition and needed treatment. They explained everything from what Sleep Apnoea is, the treatment and the DVLA process. I chose to have treatment with them as it was quicker and they fitted me in the very next day.

A week later I was driving again. Not only that I felt brilliant. Going on treatment was like turning the lights on. I feel great I am back to work and the DVLA had no issues with me. Perfect result!”


Time poor

“My partner mentioned my snoring was really bothersome and antisocial. On the verge of getting kick out of the bed and in to the spare room. I contacted The Sleep Disorders Clinic, I ordered a sleep test and the next day the medical equipment arrived. Wore it, sent it back and was told why I am snoring and where the problem was. I was given a treatment appointment the next day and since then I haven’t snored! I love it and my partner loves it more.”