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Is the loud rumbling of your own snoring keeping you awake at night? Are the sleepless nights taking a toll on your health? Then it’s time to do something about it!

Snoring is taken to be a common condition, which in fact can affect anyone, however the causes behind it remain elusive, some saying it’s a blocked passage way while others say they just don’t know. However, the scientifically proven causes of this menace are mentioned below.

Causes of Snoring

In the most generic sense, when you breathe, air travels through your nose, down the throat through the windpipe and into your lungs; the narrowest part of that pathway being in the back of your throat. While sleeping, the muscles relax which makes for the pathway to narrow, which as a result can cause snoring. This can be a result of deep sleep, alcohol consumption, and use of some sleeping pills while normal ageing results in further relaxation of these muscles.

Bulky throat tissue can also be one of the causes which can result from being overweight or within children who have tonsils. A long soft palate or a long uvula which is the dangling tissue in back of the mouth can narrow the opening from the nose to the throat causing these structures to vibrate and bump against one another, leading to the airway becoming obstructed- inevitably causing snoring. 


Hazards of Snoring    

Though snoring may not seem to be hazardous except the occasional jostles in your sleep, however it can have adverse effects in the form of serious health problems. Sleep apnoea, particularly obstructive sleep apnoea can be a resultant for habitual snorers, the adverse effects of which can be found on our obstructive sleep apnoea page.

How Can We Help?    

With over five years of experience, The Sleep Disorders Clinic has been able to provide its services to a plethora of patients- these services include providing expert diagnostics for those individuals suffering from sleeping problems, including snoring. We cater to the full range of sleeping disorders; providing guidance and support from the time of diagnosis till the treatment of the particular disorder at our clinic, situated on Harley Street, London.

With the aid of our comprehensive Sleep Study, the most detailed home sleep study available in the UK, we are able to analyse the data which we receive from your end via the Sleep Study Kit (sent to your home, to be worn for two nights). Not just this, the analysis can be done on the same day and a specialist will contact you with a follow up call to discuss your symptoms, results and potential treatment methods- a report will be provided accordingly. You are free to seek the treatment then either at the NHS or with us at the Sleep Disorders Clinic.

To get the treatment process started simply add the Sleep Study to cart.