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Dream wear Full face

Struggling to get a full night’s sleep with your Sleep Apnea? If so, you’ll love the Dreamwear Full Face Mask by Respironics, an incredibly light and flexible mask that helps you regulate your breathing without feeling bulky, obstructing your field of vision, requiring bulky headgear, or leaving behind those pesky red marks!

You see, the secret lies in the Dream Wear Mask’ssoft construction that effortlessly adjusts to the natural contours of the wearer’s face, regardless of theirsleeping position. This versatile and pleasant fit is able to maximize both the wearer’s comfort and maintain appropriate air flow via two silicon tubes.

And unlike other masks that sit uncomfortably atop the bridge of the nose and pinch and aggravate skin, the Dream Wear is specifically designed to fit under the nose and establish a seal every bit as dependable as its top-of-the-nose counterparts.

Furthermore, with the ability to choose from 3 frame sizes (Small, Medium, & Large) and 4 nose cushion sizes (Small, Medium, Medium-Wide, and Large), you’re all but guaranteed to get a mask that fits your features perfectly.