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Airfit F20

Leading the pack as Resmed’s most advanced full face mask, the Airfit F20not only offers patients the opportunity to enjoy many exciting new features, but also is specially designed to fit any face shape and perform with a wide array of varying therapy pressures. Welcome to the future of full face CPAP masks!

Utilizing Resmed’s breakthrough InfinitySeal cushion technology, the Airfit F20 thoughtfully incorporates an infinity loop design that utilizes various thicknesses to reduce blowout and provide some much-needed support to the often-neglected sides of the nose. And continuing down the road of forward thinking innovation, the new F20 models are also 89% more quiet and 70% more gentle than those before them.

If you are on the hunt for a quiet, full face mask that offers only the latest and greatest in performance and fit, then the Airfit F20 is definitely for you.